Block a user (for example when he spams the comments)

Hi is there any way to block a user from doing things like commenting liking and following for some time when he spams with comments or likes or follows, because for now that i don’t have a pro app it will use all my sheet edits, but also i thing in the future with a pro app it will be a good idea not to overload the system, what do you think?
I was thinking something like a Boolean with some conditions that blocks all his abilities, is it something doable ?

Thank you in advance

Yeah this is the way to go. You can turn that boolean off when you want to allow the user to do those things again. Configure the correct condtions for liking and following around that boolean.

Yeah but do you know what the conditions should be, because i cant think of any way to block a certain user.

You can add a column to the user profile table to use to mark if a user is blocked or not. Then use that column to hide or show components based on that value.


thanks for your help
when you say hide or show you mean with the visibility option maybe to hide the like button and the comment section?
But if the like button is integrated on the post as the small heart? i think this gets more complicated. Maybe if there was an option to stop the action but leave the button and the comment section visible?

So here’s a question back for you, would liking things considered a “spam” action? It’s user-specific data, unlike comments (which might make other users feel annoyed) or follows (follows might actually cost you rows).


yeah i didn’t think about that you’re 100% correct so i will just play with the visibility. Thanks


I think you already have it figured out, but yes, you would set the visibility on the components.