Banning users?

Does anyone know of a good method to ban users for misuse/abusive content?

The app I’m working on is consumer-facing with some social features. I’m undergoing beta testing with a small user group right now, and given the “public” nature of some of the posts on it, it’s open for abuse.

The app, for your reference:

Yep, I saw the “girl” plant too…:wink:

What you could do is to add a boolean “banned” column in your user profiles sheet, and set it to true for the users you want to ban. Then use the visibility condition to disable the access to some screen or action/feature (use a user specific column containing the “banned” boolean)

But for now, with a public with email app, you can’t do more.


That’s a great idea, Christophe. Thank for the tip!

BTW, the girl you saw is my brother-in-law’s fiancé. I asked them to test the app, and without plants nearby, they just started goofing around. HA! It very clearly highlighted the need for a “naughty list.”

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