"Banned User" feature

It seems simple enough to enable a “report a user” feature. It would be great to also enable a banned user list. I have an app with user-generated content + social features, and without the threat of restrictions/a ban, there are folks who will post unsavory content.

IP logging could be useful alongside simple email/account-based bans.

Here’s a clever workaround that was graciously suggested by @Christophe_HK, that gets part of the way there, but isn’t a full or particularly elegant implementation:

What you could do is to add a boolean “banned” column in your user profiles sheet, and set it to true for the users you want to ban. Then use the visibility condition to disable the access to some screen or action/feature (use a user specific column containing the “banned” boolean)

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Before this is implemented, I would suggest a list of “banned” words that would automatically triggers the ban.

The flow would look like: User inputs a record > The code checks if the title or the content of the record contain “banned” words. If yes, automatically sends a TRUE value to that record’s “Ban” column.

A simple lookup can push that record back to the user profile sheet and applies what @Christophe_HK suggested.

The problem is in the construction of that “banned” list of words. Whenever you find out new cases you have to update the list.

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That’s another great solution.

Unfortunately, my application is image-heavy, so that would leave a big hole open for abuse. Perhaps implementing something like Google’s Safe Search Detection through their Vision API could be implemented for auto-scanning?

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It would take time to implement, but if you can combine both then that would be perfect.

I believe there are some available websites out there that provides a list of abusive words, if I have time I will try to get the text checking part working for you.

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