Prevent certain words from being used

I have a used goods listing app ( like craigslist) for my local community. I want to prevent certain words from being used within the listing - my goal is to prevent the app from creating listings of illegal sales like guns etc…

Add a sanitization column checking the content, and show that one to your users.

You can use JS code (your own) or Experimental code (e.g. with a library from keywords:profanity - npm search (

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Do you have just some words to prevent from being used? Do you want to prevent them from being created or just hide them from the public?

yes, I want to prevent any listing containing any banned(wording I do not want on my app) words from being able to post the listing

Maybe just an error message saying “banned content- can not list”

It sounds like you have a good idea, however I am very new to this and would need a more detailed understanding of how to accomplish this, if you could spare the time!

Do you already have the list of words to be banned? Is it a long list, if you have already constructed it?

Yes, I have a list, and it is about 750 words so far.

I found a solution here: