Profanity filter

Hi, im wondering if Glide itself has a profanity filter/website link blocker built in? and if not would i need to create a list of words that are not acceptable and do visibility filters on the front end “x” does not contain “y”?

this would prevent it being visible on the front end so no-one could see the profanity or be taken to a strange link? or would there be a way of preventing the input from the beginning in the data sheets?

thanks community :slight_smile:

This topic has been discussed in another thread. You can use Glide’s AI.

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thankyou for your response all though this is in theory a more efficient solution to the problem, using 3-6 updates every single time something is typed is not efficient in costs. this would wrack up very high costs/ where as a visability/data limiters would be able to hide the potentially offesnsive material, and a simple if then else check on the back end to show someone using offesnsive language/materials letting the account be reviewed.

what are your thoughts on this?

thank you

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Preventing it to be created would be the most efficient in my opinion.

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