Black Screen in Designer Mode

Describe the bug:
When I click on a specific list in a specific menu, the screen turns black entirely.

Expected Behaviour:
I should be able to see the Form Screen of the item clicked.

Not really keen on sharing a Loom or more screenshot as I don’t want to share private data.

All my other menus and lists and Detail Screen / Form Screen are working normally.


Black Screen when I click an Order Number

It was also raised by someone else in the How-to Section :

I forgot to update :man_facepalming:

I contacted the support, they were very nice, and it magically disappeared before they did anything specific. Too efficient I guess :person_shrugging:

But it doesn’t help you much… Sorry !

Hello all !

Same thing… In the builder i get a black screen when i click on a button with action “show new form”…

Thanks for your help

If any of you is willing to share a record please do so and submit a ticket to the support team.

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Thank you !
Its working again.
Will try to use the support form next time; which screenrecording should we use ?


We’re fans of Loom for quick screen recordings. :+1:

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I also sent a video to support and they sent it to engineering for review.

@djudes Is this still happening for you?

Not at the moment no!

I just got the same thing! Reached out to support and hoping that fixes it magically.

In the meantime, any update on this issue or how to resolve?