Black Business GA | Showcasing black-owned businesses in Georgia, USA

Hey everyone!

I’ve heard from a lot of friends and in the Twitter-verse that a lot of people want to support their black community in more ways than just protesting and donations to charities/organizations. As well, I’ve seen a lot of Instagram posts and Twitter threads highlighting black-owned businesses of all kinds throughout the US.

To help bring these businesses to the forefront, I built an app that highlights and makes it easy for anyone to find black-owned businesses throughout the entire state of Georgia.

The app includes around 380 businesses right now, ranging from real estate, to lawyers, to restaurants. It has the businesses segmented by category, as well as a map view (that’s filterable) to find businesses close to you (for whenever you’re looking for some food nearby).

Lastly, the app includes a page dedicated to highlighting a few local and national organizations helping fight police brutality and supporting black communities nationwide, including links to donate to those charities and organizations directly.

Please take a look, and it you have any friends, family, coworkers, etc who live in Georgia please share it with them as well! Anyone from any community can take advantage of this application to shop smarter and to support small businesses.

Thanks so much everyone, stay safe!


Hey Austin, lovely app you have there, and great cause behind it too!

Just my 2 cents, you have a lot of business categories so in the business tab you can have a user-specific choice, then do a relation to return only the business category people want to view.

Thank you for doing this, stay safe!

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Good idea! I was trying to include a filter the users can use to filter. But sadly I couldn’t get a user-controlled filter to work on that page (it’s a detail page with Inline Lists. However, on the Map tab the filter is available.

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Hey I’m writing a long post here for the community. When I finish it I will have a little walkthrough for you on how you can achieve that.

Here’s my write up about it, hope you can have it applied to your case:

1/Create a user-specific choice

Create one user-specific choice column in your Businesses sheet. Let’s say “UserView”, make sure you make it user-specific so that users’ choice won’t affect each other.

2/Create a choice component that writes to the user-specific column

In your Details sheet, make a choice component that has values being your businesses categories. You can have values of the choice being the “Category” column in your sheet (sorry I don’t know what it’s called, just have a pseudo-name here for tutorial purposes).

In the “Data” part, make sure the choice is written to that “UserView” column you created above.

3/Create a relation that pulls the right items back

Next to the UserView column, make a relation column and name it “ViewRelation”. Match the value in UserView to the values in the Category column, and make it a multiple match.

4/Show your relation in an inline list

Make an inline list below, point the data to that relation you have just created, as I see you have the same layout for all of your inline lists so just copy the design here.

That should work as what you and I have expected. Don’t delete the other inline lists until you are sure the things I said above would work. Contact me if you need help setting this up for free.