Keillen From ATL,GA

Hello Glide Community! I’m originally from Boston,MA but I’ve lived in ATL,GA for the past 6 years. I’ve had this idea of a goal sharing app for about 4 years and have tried to have it developed before but failed. Thanks to glide and the help of Bob Petitto I was able to develop my app quickly and efficiently. I’m excited to keep making changes to my app as glide continues to evolve. I’m also interested in becoming a glide developer as well so I will probably do a beginners class to take on as a part time gig.

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Welcome, Keillen. Your goal-sharing app sounds like a neat idea, don’t hesitate to share when you feel it’s time.

EDIT: I just saw you did already.

Yes! You should join us! Would leave to see you on the platform.