Big component gap when creating a profile screen visible on iphone not in glide

Hi, I have created a profile screen and added a basic table component and a button that links through to another list screen.
Everything looks fine in Glide, However, when viewed in iPhone the components are right at the bottom of the screen and the button does not go through to new screen.


Hi @Vaughan_Broderick welcome to the community.

Probably best you show us some screen shots, or better still a video (use something like

Also what phone are you using?


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I’m using iphone X. The first screenshot is Glide and the second(black) is from my iphone


Definitely seems to be an issue with your app.

How have you got the components set up in glide?

Show us your configuration - a screen shot of your glide builder

Perhaps also send us the link to your glide app, we can check it out on our phones too in case it’s a phone issue

Is this what you needs? Apprectiate the help.

Seems like you’re having a limit access to certain emails setup. Can you temporarily open it to anyone so we can test?

Thankyou to you both for helping on his. What I decided to do was add a new tab in the menu that slides out from the left hand side. It probably make more sense to have it this way too.

Much appreciated Thank you.

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