Behavior Questionnaire

This will show up as a template in some form or another. I am unsure if I will include all 150 statements. Once someone answers the questions it can determine if they would be a good fit for your business as well as what role they would be good in. As of right now it’s set to allow the user to see their results, this wouldn’t be ideal in the final version. This is a questionnaire that I created while I was a consultant using my background in Psychology. It’s 100% verified and I used it for years. @Darren_Murphy is building something similar (I do not believe it’s intended for hiring) but talking to him and helping him with his gave me the idea to port mine over to Glide.


I have chosen to make it available on my consulting website with the intent of providing it as a service for future consultations. I normally just make this a packaged deal but I will be charging my clients to use it for $32 a month to each client to cover the PRO cost of it. I’m going to make it available on Glide 100% free as a template. My only request is if you don’t mind to mention ruptured brain in your about page. If you do not feel it warrants such recognition that is fine as well. But as always, free to the Glide community :slight_smile:


And here it is. It will also be available in the template store once approved.


Wonderful concept and execution. I copied the template but I’m at a loss on how to get it working for me. I also would like to know how to dumb it down a bit so there would be no need for logging in and a user could just gauge their own behavior and erase their results when they chose to do so.

I’ve been gone from the Glide community for some time due to family issues and I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. Glide looks so much more robust now.

Thanks again for a great app template.

Just remove the sign in options from the editor and remove row owners. That should be it. Some of the features wouldnt work correctly but if it is just for 1 person and not a company that wouldnt matter.