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Hello everyone,
I’m interested in building an app that allows mental health therapists to list their practice, sort of like a directory, would I be able to do this on the Glide app? Also, I wanted to incorporate a social networking component where other mental health professionals can collaborate and bounce ideas off each other, since I will be teaching them how to build their own private practice from the ground up. Can all of this be built on the Glide app, and if so, which templates would you advise that I move forward with? Thanks

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Sounds like you only need a tab for Practices, and a tab for Networking, is it correct? Do you plan to have any other features in the future?

I would also need a tab for resources because I plan on helping other therapists in taking the necessary steps to launch their private practice. Would all 3 of these tabs be different templates?

Sounds like you can start with Jack’s Insiders template.

Ok thanks

Would I be able to merge Jack’s Insider template with the employee directory template?

No you can’t merge templates. Honestly what you are looking for should be pretty easy to do with glide. You can check out the glide documentation and some of the tutorials. They are a good way to get started.

If you already have a sheet with some sample data, you can create an app from that sheet and you might be surprised what Glide will create for you automatically to get you started.

Thanks Jeff.

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I just started to create my app using the insider app template. Im also following the corresponding video by Jack. In the (video) Jack behind on by recommending having 3 tabs open. I have 2 of the 3, however, tab 3 cannot be found if in Google search. Do you know the how to/ where to find this download?
How/where can this page be found?

Can you clarify on “tab 3 cannot be found if in Google search”?