Basic Table in Forms: Add Ability to Filter Values Shown

The Basic Table is lacking the ability to filter the values shown when you are embedding it into a form. As a result, only the values from the first row of the corresponding spread sheet are shown.

Please allow the ability to filter, particularly filtering to email address = signed-in user.

Basic table just shows the results of the row you are viewing. You should be setting the filter on the layout instead of the component. If it’s showing the wrong row, then your detail page is on the wrong row.

Interesting. In that case I may have found a bug. To give more context, I discovered this while editing an existing entry. The data in the table does not correspond with the entry’s row at all. It is pointing to unrelated data in the first row of the sheet.

So this is edit mode, and not add or form or view mode? Just want to be clear where you are seeing this. Sounds like you are editing an existing row and you have the table in the edit screen?

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@Jeff_Hager I misspoke. Moving a little too quickly yesterday.

This is indeed in a form that I’m seeing the unexpected behavior of the basic table.

You were correct, I was missing a filter on the detail page to isolate to the signed-in user. Once I did that, the basic table in the form showed the correct information.

Thank you very much!

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