How to get all the rows from the google sheets table in the Basic Table?

Hello! When adding rows to the Basic Table, only the first row of columns from the table is visible. Although everything is on the same sheet

What cannot be added to Data → Row is highlighted in blue

What do you mean by “only the first row of columns is visible”? Can you elaborate?

Here is the data only the first line

Hola @TomSoer

Are you using a details screen or an In-line list?

If you are using a detailed screen for your basic table, it will only show the first line as glide doesn’t know what else to show.

You need to add an in-line list then set your basic table. Then you will be able to see the info that you want for each row.

I hope this helps.


As Santiago said, Glide can only show in the basic table the data of the row you are viewing. How do you expect it to be when you have multiple rows?

Yes, the Santiago solution helped. But in principle, I expected that this data would also be available for the Basic Table. Since this page is installed in the Source

To be clear about this, unless you have methods in place to get data from other rows, the only data you will ever have access to for basic tables is the row you’re viewing/filtering to.