How to display basic table consecutively of glide data table?

Hi anybody, has anyone solved this topic?
How to arrange the data in the basic table according to the order of the list in the data sheet?

That question doesn’t really make sense.
The basic table displays data from a single row, not from multiple rows. So there is nothing to order.
Do you mean sort by column order?
The answer to that is no, but you can manually rearrange the table rows.

Thank Darren.
How do I pull column data from the second row of data table to the second row in the basic table?
I rely on google translate to communicate, sorry if there is a wrong word.

That’s fine, we’ll muddle through together :slight_smile:

That’s not really what the basic table component is for. It’s only designed to display data for a single row.
If you want to display a table with data from multiple rows, then you either need to use an Inline List, or construct your own table using Markdown/HTML and use that in a rich text component.

In terms of building the table, take a look at the below…

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Thank @Darren_Murphy. This is the answer I want to know.

I’ve used your Html and of course also with inline lists. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s say I’m exploring other alternatives.
Good night.

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