Actions inside Basic Table

Any way to assign actions towards each line in a Basic Table?
For example: if one line contains a phone number, clicking on it will show a related table which stores the log of changes regarding phone numbers.
I’ve seen some topics here that recommend to use lists or other workarounds to solve this. These don’t seem elegant enough

Theoretically you have two ways to do this, but these won’t scale well:

(Edit: With an inline list, not a basic table)

  • Use Independent Configuration for each of your rows. You will have to configure each one independently.

  • Use multiple branches in the logic that ties with the inline list of rows you’re trying to show. If phone number is A then do this, else if phone number is B then do this instead.

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That would be for an inline list…not a basic table though…

There is no way to configure each row to have separate actions (or really any actions whatsoever). Best you could do is display a multiple relation in the basic table like this:

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Thanks, just edited my answer :sweat_smile:

Ah…that’s clearer :slight_smile:

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A 3rd option could be a series of single row HTML tables. Each could have its own action.

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Thanks, but not sure I understand what you mean. How would you set this up to have a basic table with personal details, each row/line with a different detail and each row linked to the history of changes for that detail?


Is this a Glide component, or are we entering the world of coding?

No, just a bit of HTML, and use it in a Rich Text component.
You can assign actions to rich text components, so each “table” could have its own action.
This would only really be a workable option if you have a relatively small fixed list of items.

Can I trouble you by asking for an example of such HTML?

WOW, again (anyone counting? )

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