Basic Table - some feature enhancement request

Following small changes anticipated

When we display any information as “Basic Table”, Is there a way in which we can hide all the information and the information gets accessed only after user presses/clicks on the “Title” of the basic table.

This way we can group and store information and user can see the required information as needed.

Just to add:

Upon pressing of the Title area, the screen scrolls down on the same screen and does not open an additional screen.

You can use an Action Text or Rich Text component for your title. Then create a custom action that flips a value back and forth between true and false in a user specific column. Using that true or false value, you can set the visibility of the basic table.

So clicking on the title would fire the action, which would set the user specific column to true or false, which you would then use to show or hide the basic table.

Thanks Jeff Hager. That worked Though it is not that neat, I achieved what i wanted.

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