Move Rows Upward / Downwards in Basic Table component

Hi Glide Teams,

I guess, It would be best to have an ability to move ROWS (UP/DOWN) already added to Basic Table components, especially when rows are more and if we want a particular field to be added at first or in middle, moving rows would really be helpful.

I am not really sure if someone has already raised a feature request of this OR I am also not sure if this is possible as of now.




Yes, it’s there - I just voted for it.


Thanks @Darren_Murphy, I voted. This is actually basic functionality when Basic Table component is there.


+1 here as well.

Our use case involves having data where order matters. As it started in a google sheet, the order is inherent in the sheet itself. Right now, where re-ordering needs to occur, we still go back to the sheet. With this feature we could avoid that.

@Rui, I think you may be confusing sheet order vs order in the basic table component. The basic table component only pulls data from multiple columns in a single row. If sheet order is important, then you can specify the column to use for sorting in the list sort settings.


Ah, you’re right. Well +1 to this feature anyway because moving things up/down in the basic table component is a bit of a chore to the point where I’ve consigned myself to … not doing it :slight_smile:

For me, sheet order is important. And yes, adding a column to determine order would work, but it’ll be a bit clunky as the only way I think to do it is allow editing of that row. Users would have to click in to a record, edit its “order” entry, go back into the main view, and see the changes reflected.

So in my dream scenario, there would instead be some intrinsic UI way of managing entries from the card display, for example. It could be similar to how this works for us now on the google sheets (i.e. drag/drop a whole row), but on glide, where each ‘card’ is drag/droppable in its proper order. The google sheet row order would then be updated to reflect the revised order of entry.

Anyway thanks for clarifying that this isn’t the exact thing that I’d like, Jeff!

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Yes, that would be a really nice feature!

Yes please! This will save tons of work on programming.

Glide team, make it happen!

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+1, very useful when one adds 15 items, and needs to add a new one at position #2 :sweat_smile:
Currently I need to delete all and redo :sob:

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That would be a nice feature. I don’t use it that often but when i do, even with 4-5 entries, and having to start over when the ordering isn’t right can be frustrating.

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This feature has been shipped, closing topic.

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