Data Editor Update - Filter or View certain Rows only

Instead of viewing all rows in the data editor, it would be amazing if we could filter or set a rule to the rows we can view while editing the data.

usually the top rows are the first in the google sheet, and as the row count gets bigger and more functionality is being added to the app, it becomes annoying to view the same old records.

would be nice to have an option on the top of the data editor similar to visibility conditions
(for example, show All rows where date column is within Today etc…)

and then instead of 2000 rows , we can see the 10 rows we are actually more interested in vieweing.

I like this :+1:

Imagine if each column header had it’s own filter/sort option. I wonder if @Jason would be up for the challenge :thinking: :joy:

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Lets make life easy at the start, just a filter for the entire table. with the functionality already available, this shouldn’t be hard to accomplish.

like this: