Barcode scanning your inventory

Nice demo! Like the keypad layout as well. Minimalistically beautiful and efficient!

Very nice! Love the keypad as well!

yes, that scans/month limitation will keep us from using this unfortunately.

Great work!

how many scan can use for a basis/ Pro app ?

10 scans for basic (so you can see what it does). 1000 for pro subscription. This is per month.


Ya…not enough scans for pro for sure. I have 500 students in my building alone. I was hoping to use this for student attendance (each student already has a barcode on their ID). They’d scan their ID when entering the classroom to automatically take attendance for that class.

So, each student would be able to scan for only 2 of their 5 periods that day and then not again until next month…

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@Krivo I just tried to add this, however, nothing is getting entered to chosen column:

  1. I added a button in a form
  2. Attached an action workflow with 1 action - barcode scan
  3. Barcode scan attached to a column (number column type)
  4. When I scan - it goes green - says complete - nothing added to column

Is there something I’m missing here? E.g. a step? Or column type issue?

Or perhaps it’s an action workflow bug?

Thanks for any thoughts.

hmm, I wonder if that limit is actually enforced?
Easy enough to find out :wink:

After you easily scan 1001 items, let me know :rofl:

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Don’t even need to scan once to find out :stuck_out_tongue:
Curiosity got the better of me, so I just had a peek.
And yes, it looks like it is being enforced.

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@qb15 Have you tried to click on the screen with the green line. Sometimes that helps, I think

By the way - I haven’t been able to get bar code scanning working with Glide tables. The button doesn’t show up. @mark is that expected?

And then it is time off for another month :wink:

Glide must have chosen an expensive subsupplier as the limit is 1000 for pro account.


@Robert_Petitto Inspiration also used for the calculator - and the barcode scanner could also be adjusted with the features from the calculator app

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If you feel llike it, try to use the barcode scanner of cellartracker app (or see below for a simple use). Looks very simmilar to the one in Glide. The scanner is lightning fast.
Also notice the text displayed on the scanning page.

Think I didn’t clarify clearly enough.

It shows success on the scan, but nothing is saved. So it’s a saving to tables problem by the looks of it.

Would be nice to have something like that for Webview too. So people can see if it works and what it does.

This is awesome…

I got how to scan inventory in… but how do I scan inventory out?

ideally when i scan in an item for example with a barcode i would leave the boolean checkbox flase… but when scanned again the boolean checkbox becomes true…

how do i create this rule or condition… right now it just adds new rows :frowning:

As a matter of curiosity, could the native Android (and iOS I suppose) capability to scan barcodes and QR be tapped in a Glideapp?
(a simple call onto Lens, maybe?)