Barcode Scanner Not Work on iOS

My App/Pages support link:

Describe the bug:

  • I am using a barcode scanner in my app that I published on the iOS App Store. The glide url is embedded inside of Swift code and in the app setting I request camera permissions from the user. However, whenever downloading the app from the app store the scanner stays blank. I enable camera access and glide requests camera access as well but still nothing. Taking pictures works but the scanner component does not.

Expected behavior:

  • Scanner loads

How to replicate:

  • Open app on iOS

Link to demo recording (optional):

  • App download: Search Pear Scan
  • Slack

Does it work on the “normal” version of Glide, when you access the Glide link through the browser?

Yes it does.

Since Glide doesn’t officially support apps uploaded to stores, I doubt you would get support on this.

Shucks, I appreciate your help here. If you know of any developers or way to get this fixed it would be greatly appreciated. I have 30 users on the app and this is the main functionality of the app and it doesn’t work :grimacing:

Sorry I don’t know any who can help with this, hope someone else can chime in.