Barcode Scanner not opening the scanned details

Hi Everyone,

Maybe someone could assist me.

I am setting up the barcode scanner on our app, now the barcode is linked to a unique number.

The is where I am now:

I have a button, and I have created a custom action as I require some other information.

After the “Scan Barcode” action I have put a “Show Detail Screen” action. The detail screen doesn’t display after the data is scanned. I have discovered when I scan the same barcode multiple times sometimes I get lucky and the detail screen shows.

My workaround at the moment is to have a relation button. This works well as it updates almost immediately, but it is an unnecessary action that I don’t want. I just want to scan and the detail screen opens vs having to complete another action after scanning

So I assume you have a relation that links the scanned field to a list of items, then you want to display the detail screen of the related item right after?

I think this is another case of actions being fired too fast. The relation isn’t created in time before the show detail screen is fired.

Yes, exactly. I have it scanned into its separate sheet as a log. which is linked to a relation.

Is there a work around to have the action not fired too fast?

I don’t think we have something like that as of now, it would be great for your use case.

Thanks @ThinhDinh. Just a quick question, how are other people using the barcode scanner? Are they just scanning items and then the action is complete? They don’t use the barcode for searching items then completing the desired action?

Personally I have never applied it to a delivered app myself, there’s also a rather low limit on the scanner so I don’t think many are using it.