Barcode scan and export to PDF

Hi, I want to make Barcode Inventory manager app.
I moved to glide as it seems more reliable than appsheet that limited in UI/UX.

Long story short, I want to make barcode for each materials that stored in my small warehouse.
so basically I will input all the data manually into google spreadsheet.
the single data contains name of product, serialnumber, description, photos and quantity.

In general use, there is some user I will be added to use this app.
So every user that took the materials dont have to input or type anything.
they only need to scan barcode and data filled automatically.

and then after scanning barcode, the apps will give a pdf letter as a receipt.

the question is :

  1. How to make barcode scan can filled automatically in the apps?
  2. How to export those information (name of product, serialnumber, description, photos and quantity) into a pdf and we make a format for it?

Im a new comer in this community, please help.
I really do appreciate it.
Anyway Im not kind of a lazy person, you dont have to spoon-feeding me, just give some point, or tutorial or reference, or video link or everything, and I will learn from it.

thank you

I haven’t used much barcode scanning, but if I recall right, you can have a series of actions that look like this:

Barcode scanning: you can only scan the info into one field, so I think you need to somehow join them together, like Product || Serial Number || Description || Photo Links || Quantity.

Scan the info into a field, then immediately add a row in the destination table with that info. I don’t know if it scans fast enough or the “add row” action will fire regardless of the scan action being done or not.

If it doesn’t scan fast enough, you would have to break it into 2 steps. Scan it into a field, then add another button when the field is not empty. That button will add a row to the destination table.

For PDF, I usually use PDFMonkey and build my HTML template over there. In your action, you can add a last step to send the scanned info to Make/Zapier/n8n, split them out, then fill them into the variables you have constructed in PDFMonkey.

Once the file has been generated, use a HTTP module (I use Make) to download the file, then either send an email to the user with that file, or bring that to Google Drive and save the link back to a relevant row in your Glide database.


I think Im gonna make a spreadsheet that contains those data in a row then mark it with some numbers like 00001 and so on, then convert it to a barcode with barcode generator.
so if the user took some material, they only have to scan those barcode and the information will be filled automatically refers to information that we entered already.

and thanks for the PDF clue, I will note it in the future use after completing the database.

I want to add ID number and auto increment. do you know how to do it?
I tried with some stuff on dashboard but cant find how to add auto increment

Glide has a plugin that will do this for you.


Hi Darren

Is glide will make plugin for pdf in the near future? especially for pages.

I believe they will, yes.

yes, we can also use another barcode generator online.
But what I mean is …

how glide can scan those barcode and make it autofilled in our form. it has to refers to data that we generate as a barcode before.

If you have the barcode scanner fill a user specific column, then you can use a relation column to link that scanned barcode value to the table that contains the inventory. Using Lookup columns, you can retrieve certain values from the relation. Then you can do whatever you need to from there, such as add a button that will do something with those values from the relation.

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