Barber App

Hello Gliders!

I want to publish my barber appointement app that I have been creating.

It still takes a little work to make it perfect but it is already taking shape.

1.When you log in and book an appointment, the person on the back end should confirm the user’s appointment and only then will it be visible to the user.
2. You need to create another tab for the admin and manage everything you want.

I have an open ears to all your comments.


I think it would be better if there’s an indication that I should edit my profile details using the pencil button first. That might not be obvious for everyone.

Or you may have a sign up page before people can access the main content.

I have tried to get users to log in and then add more information to their account, but I have not found a way to add data to the row where their email address is with which they log in. It always creates a new row for me and it does not work for me.

You can checkout my onboarding example here.

Have the users edit the existing row instead of adding a new row.

The user can edit the existing row by clicking the pen emoji upper right .

Just after the user updates their profile info, then he is able to to book an appointment ( the appointment tab now becomes visible )

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