Bad Gateway Error 502

I am unable to download my app as the browser always directs me to Bad Gateway.

Please help. Thank you!

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Could you provide the link to your App so that we can help to test it?

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Yes, I also get the same error.
The hostname appears to resolve correctly, so I’m not sure what the problem is.
You may need to log a ticket with Glide Support.

Is it true that I cannot receive support for Personal apps?
If so, how can I get the Support link URL?

Strictly speaking, no you cannot get support for personal apps.
But I would report this anyway, as it seems to me to be an issue that Glide Support would want to know about.

Alright thanks!

I think Glide is making upgrades and the link doesn’t work properly, yet.

Earlier in the noon, my link to screen worked but an hour later it stopped. I generated a new link and saw the URL structure has changed to be shorter.

So I took the effort to regenerate all my links but most aren’t working yet.

Glide has also just recently updated their link to screen URL schema.

If you see in the pictures below, the very long link schema was the older version, that was usable at 3pm GMT+8.

But at 4pm, the old links stopped working so generated a new link and saw the schema has changed to be shorter.

Strangely, the one I created above works while the others i created an hour later, all have bad gateway issues.

Hope Glide can solve this soonest, its driving me nuts!

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Now I’m facing the same problem as you.

@nivrem - I’ve been advised that this issue has been resolved. I actually had the same issue with a couple of my Apps, but both are okay now. Is yours working?

As of this time… they’re all working!

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yes they are! thank you!

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