App is down

The app won’t open does anyone facing the same problem?

App URL:

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Hi yes my apps are down too

moi aussi

Looks like a global issue.

Yep. App is down. This really sucks . . . I just piloted my business today and have customers trying to pay and sign up.

Same here.

Same thing, but only for my public app, the password protected app works fine.

For the public app, I see the components of the main page correctly displayed during few milliseconds, then blank page. And even refreshes can’t get the components back.

moi auusi

That’s not your app’s URL. It is, which works now.

We had an outage this morning, which is now resolved. We’re investigating the causes right now. If your app is still down, please report it here, and mention your app’s URL.

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Seeing a 502 Bad Getaway when I try this app: Also seeing it among other apps in the Showcase section.

The app works for me (just noting this).

Working now.

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@david problem still seen

Problem is seen on installed app but above link works

How to avoid this problem at users who have installed the app?

What do you see on installed apps?

502 Bad Gateway

The problem will self resolve. The service is up and running, users who are impacted are seeing local device caches which the OS will clear shortly.

Thx for explaining

Could be nice through if you have a site/page where status of the service can be seen. Once in a while problems are seen - and It would be to see the status without having to report the same problem many times

Agreed. You guys definitely need a status page with transparency into how it happened and how it is being resolved.

Hi, my App have some problems and we don’t do nothing on it. Is glide down? All works good after and now suddenly we have some bug. Can i have assistance? More than 1000 people need to use it this weekend!!