Automatically Open Web View in Basic Table

Hey guys, how you doing? :wave:

I dont know if it’s happening with you, but… I wanna keep open link in normal way and I can’t change it.

Is that a bug or…?

Untitled_ May 22, 2020 1_00 PM

Hey Lucas, I see that you’re Brazilian, and me too, so I’m going to reply in portuguese and in english as well, so other users can solve the problem if they face something similar.

Cara, o problema é que o instagram não permite ser incorporado em um iframe, e é o que o WebView faz, ele tenta incorporar a página em um iframe. Por isso aparece “ não permite que seja incorporado.”

A respeito da segunda tentativa, ocorre pois o Glide, pelo que percebi, só permite sites com SSL, ou seja, https://…


The problem is that doesn’t allow to be embed into a iframe, and that’s what glide do on webview, it’s basically embedding a page on the app.

On the second try, it’s because as far as I know, glide doesn’t allow sites without SSL to be embed on the app too.


Ok, @Gabriel_Sobral ! But I think you didn’t understand me. It’s opening automatically in web view, and I don’t want it.

And I cant also change it.

Oh, I get it now!

Sorry for the misunderstanding.

It started happening to me yesterday too, some links that would normally open on browser opened inside the app. I don’t know if it’s an update or a design change.