Automatically Modify a Row in Glide Database When a Specific Date is Reached

I need to modify the data in a row in a Glide database when a given date (also stored in the same row) is reached.

Is there a way to do that?

You can do that with math. It will be a computed column and not a value that’s stored in the table, but it’s possible. What are you trying to achieve?

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I’m trying to automatically change a user’s to-do list once their arrival date has been reached.
There’s a pre-arrival-date list and a postarrival-date list (which includes the same to-dos as the first list, but with some new ones).

Use an if-then-else column.

  • If Arrival Date is after today, then pre-arrival-date list
  • Else post-arrival-date list

I already have another column for assigning a list. It’s a text column, filled by a “choice list”, with a relation column next to it.

I suppose this makes my problem too complex…

I don’t see how it is particularly complex.

If you want it to be automatic, based on the current date, use the solution that I gave you.

If you want it to be manual, based on a user selection, then stick with your choice option.

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