Set Colum Values When date is before now not working

Hello There,
I have a list of task and each task have a date in a short format like 05/10/2023, and each task has a status like done, in progress, etc.

I want to make an action that checks if the date for the task is before the date from now and changes the value of the status.

so I did + new action → click on the data sheets and make the condition of the table of the dates and check if this date is before now.
then set column values to the right one.

when I do that and all looks good I see the run button not visible like in a dark gray color.

when i change the condition from " is before " to " is empty " the run works. but i need is before.

I would like to ask how I can do that there is any video or guide on how I can add automatic change for that?

I have list of tasks and each task have in the screen

each task have

the data looks like:

Does the row attached to the screen with the button have a date in the date column, or is the column empty in that row?

I have list of tasks and each task have in the screen

and each task have


the data looks like:

Where is the button that you mentioned?

I want to make an action on the data when the date is before now. then change the status to Delayed

the run button is not visible not clickable

You mean the Run button in the action editor? That’s really only for testing the action to make sure it works, but that largely depends if it actually has data to run against.

So you are saying that you don’t have any buttons on any screens to actually call that action? Actions do not run by themselves. They require the user to actually do something that would execute that action…and only based on one particular row. I don’t see anything in your screenshots that would indicate that you are actually calling that action. I don’t see any buttons, and I am assuming that the action on your collection (list of tasks) is just the default action to show the detail screen.

Just based on what I’m beginning to understand, I don’t think an Action is the right approach for you. I think a simple IF column in the table would do the same thing automatically against all rows. Set up the IF like this, and display the result of that IF column instead of the Status column.

IF date is before now THEN 'Delayed'
ELSE status

Understood what you said.
so my question is How I can add automation that will change the status of the task to “delayed” automatically
When the due date passes?

Well, like I said above, the IF column would do the same thing without the need for automation. Display the computed IF column value instead of the basic status column.

Glide does not currently have any backend automation processing built in. If you really feel that the basic status column needs to physically change, then you will need a business plan to access the Glide API, and then use external automation such as Zapier or Make to query all data from the API, spin through it, and then push any changes back through the API. Or if you use an external data source such as Airtable or Google Sheets, then you could probably set up some scripts that run on a timed trigger.

…or like I said…just use the IF column.

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Understood 100%

so you tell me to write the :

IF date is before now THEN 'Delayed'
ELSE status

where i need to write that ?

Create an IF column in the table.

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