Automatic date operations

Ok so, I need to make date connected operations, like showing how distant is a certain date from today, I can do it no problem,


to set a column to the today’s date, I need a user to trigger an action that will set the “today”'s column to today’s value.

Am I missing an automated way of doin it?

Can you explain more about the logic of this flow in your app’s context? You’re understanding it right, there needs to be a user-triggered action to do a set column.

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I calculate and show how many days are between today and th expiry dates of products, but to calculate it I need to know what day is today, nad to let glide know it i have to write it in a column, can’t glide get the date on it’s own?

You can point a value to “now” inside a math column.


Never saw that, thanks.

This should solve all my problems, much love.

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