Autofill Choice Selection from Screen Data

Hey Gliders,

I have an app that requires users to make relations between records.

User is prompted to complete a form and before submitting, the user must make 3 required relations. In the backend, which is Airtable, the records being related are located in different tables.

Database Tables:

Table 1 - Property
Table 2 - Work Order
Table 3 - Equipment

Typical App Flow: (Breadcrumbs)

Work Order → Add Equipment

Ideal Outcome:

User wants to add equipment and associate to the work order. User will select “Add Equipment”.

A requirement is to associate the Work Order to properly associate the equipment and display on screen.

Current Block:

The app is hiding the choice field and won’t allow me to auto-display the Work Order name.

I am configuring this with a choice field and using filters.

I’m not sure I get this part. Can you add some screenshots or a video to explain the problem?