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Dear All,

I put choice field with relation select in my side panel ( opportunity table ).
My table come from Airtable ( synch )

The question is:
I would like that when I choose a company name ( single choice, opportunity table relationship ) and then click on the contacts choice ( multiple choice, opportunity table relationship ).
The contacts displayed are only those of the chosen company.

Currently what’s displayed is : ex : nike company → lilian, marie, élodie, joe, élise, momo, etc.

What I’d like to see is:
ex: company nike → lilian, marie, élodie
ex: adidas company → joe, élise, momo

How do I do this? I can’t with the filters.

Hi Mel,

Do you use the filter « by screen » in your case?
And can you share your data?



Hi Laurent,
It’s difficult to share with you ma database.
But what do you mean by filter by “screan” ?

Thank you

Something like that?

Thank you Laurent for this short video.
YES, that’s what I want, but the problem is that all my structure is done in airtable and I have a lot of relationships between my tables.
In this particular case, my contact sheet is a “contact” table and from this sheet I’ve added a button to create an opportunity, this button is linked to an “opportunity” relationship table and in this opportunity table I have other relationships → “contact”, “company” and “activity”. The problem is that, as I’ve said, the choice buttons don’t filter contacts linked to such and such a company name.
If I add a “data” filter to my contact file, it only shows me the fields for my contacts from my “contact sheet”.
Your solution works, but for that I’d have to add tables to airtable to be able to synchronize them, and what’s more, that would add useless extra fields to the airtable database.

Glide is a great tool, but airtable databases aren’t as well implemented compared to a tool like softr. The logic of relationships, formulas, math, etc. is different.

I think that if I want to do my crm/erp in glide I’ll have to skip airtable, but I can’t because I absolutely have to synchronize my data.

In any case, many thanks for your help.

Ok, i understand but you can create this with your airtable data, you must add 2 column in your data source and your filter will work.
The filtering will be create in Glide and doesn’t affect all your relations, formulas, etc in Airtable.
Have a nice day,

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Thank you Laurent

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