Conditional forms response time

I’m building a form with two multi-choice fields that pull data from two linked fields in Airtable. The second field is dependent on the first field i.e. select “shirts” and “socks” then the second dropdown will only list the brands of shirts and socks that we carry.

When I try to build this using Glide forms, the second menu is suuuuper slow and/or disappears altogether when I make the second selection. Nobody buys our socks!

How many items do you have in the second selection? Do you use a filter on that second selection?

There are six items in the first list and four items for each one of the top list items, so 24 items in the second list total.

Yes, I am using filters

Can you show how you are configuring the filter for that second choice component? Does the filter use ‘Screen Values’ to filter the list of choices based on the selected value of the first choice component?


To be honest, the way Airtable users tend to configure choice components kind of confuses me. A lot of times I see them ‘Writing To’ the Linked Record in their table, which seems odd to me as a non-Airtable user. I am used to ‘Writing To’ a basic column in the destination table while having a separate source table to establish the list of choices…and if necessary I will then use that basic column value written by the choice component to then establish a Glide Relation if needed for something else.

As I understand it, Relations are similar to Linked Records in Airtable, but have differences. I believe Linked Records both store values as well as create a reference to records in another table. On the other hand, Relations ONLY create a reference to another table, and use separate columns in each table to establish that link in the relation.

I can understand ‘Sourcing’ a list of choices from a Relation or Linked Record, but ‘Writing To’ a Relation or Linked Record is a little outside of my understanding as far as how that is supposed to work. I think it would be helpful to also see screenshots of how you are configuring the ‘Write To’ portion of the choice component to see if that is a factor in the slowness. Are you writing to a Relation/Linked Record or a basic column? When you use a Relation/Linked Record, you no longer have the ability to select a separate ‘Source’ for the list of choices, and that also changes the way the Choice Component works as the Source of choices also become the Destination you are Writing To. I honestly don’t know how that works since I’ve never configured a choice component that way, but if you are, I have to wonder if the slowness comes into play because it has to communicate back with Airtable, even though a native Glide Form should never be communicating with external data sources until the form is actually submitted.

So, it would be helpful to see screenshots of the choice component configuration as well as the filter for the choice component.


It would be interesting to learn if that is the case. Airtable seems to do some really weird stuff - looking in from the outside and having a Glide perspective. But I guess the same applies when looking from the other side :slight_smile:


Thanks for your response, Jeff!

Yes, my filter uses ‘Screen Values’ to filter the list of choices based on the selected value of the first choice component. And both of these components are linked records in Airtable.

There’s a delay with the second choice that is the same length of time as when I wait for an update in Airtable to hit Glide. So I suspect it’s waiting for Airtable, which takes way too long in this case.

Do you think there’s a workaround i.e. using a Glide field as the second field (however I still need that second selection in Airtable).

I think the main problem is that your current choice values are in Airtable, more than where you’re writing the choices to. Is there a viable way to move your list of choices from Airtable to Glide, and then re-construct the flow after filling the choices to write back to Airtable?

Is there a way to write to Airtable column automatically using glide? If so, what type of Glide column would that be?