Form to Select Users

Hi All,

I’m building a simple app for a client that allows them to create new tasks in a form and I want them to be able to assign these tasks to users in my Airtable base.
So far:

  1. I’ve set up a separate data sheet in glide with all the employees and their emails
  2. Created a choice field in my form that allows them to select one of the employees
    3, BUT I can’t seem to figure out a way to dynamically fill in the ‘assigned to’ field in Airtable (without using automations) that connects to the employee they’ve selected in step 2.

Hey Rosie,

I think I understand your issue but I may have gotten your question wrong.

So you have employees listed in Glide table, and want to add new tasks to a task list in an Airtable sheet, that includes info about who the task is assigned to. And you’re having a hard time getting all the employee info into your tasks sheet, with using just one choice for who to assign it to. Do I have that right?

If I’m on track, I think this should do it.

Basically you’re just looking up the additional employee info you want in the Airtable, and using computed rel and lookup columns to set that data On Submit.

Your choice component should be getting values from the employees sheet, and taking the Email value to set into the email for the new task. I chose to display as name.

The form on it’s own then sets the Task Name and the email of employee it’s assigned to.

To set any other employee info, we do that On Submit. You’re doing this using setup values that you’ll see next.

This is the sheet you’ll have as an Airtable sheet, but still having some glide only computed columns… the Setup ones. So the first 4 columns are on airtable, and the last three are used to lookup and set the name and additional info.

And here’s the employee table.

Hope that helps!

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Matthew, thank you so much!

This solved part of my problem super elegantly!!

I realize I did a poor job explaining the second part of the problem. I’ll try again to see if perhaps you have a solution.

Here are my fields in the Airtable Base. The ‘Assigned To’ field is a User field in airtable that connects to the users on my AT base. I am trying to write to this particular field.

I’m trying to write to the Aissnged To field by submitting a form, and am halfway there. I have a choice option that connects to a separate table that lists all the employees like you explained above. However its the last step I’m still stuck on because I still can’t get the email or user name to write to the ‘Assigned To’ field.

Even using submit actions, I can’t write to the ‘Assigned To’ field! Any suggestions?

I haven’t used AT with glide before so I may not be best to answer this, but here’s my guess. The assigned to column is acting like a computed column. Like in Glide tables if you have a lookup or template or anything computed, you can’t write to that value… just can use it to write to other place or read it to calculate other columns. It appears to be a relation. My guess is you need to create another basic column (just text) and write the user email there from glide, just like the task name.

Then in airtable, and this is where i’m not familiar, need to use that text value somehow to create the reference/lookup/query/relation whatever AT calls different options to find the right user based on the email entered.