Audio and video files not loading on iOs

Hello. I have uploaded multiple audios and videos to my app. They are working perfectly on my android devices and web device. Unfortunately, they are not working on any iPhone device. Can anyone please let me know what could be the reason?

By uploading, do you mean you upload directly to Glide storage? Or is it a Drive link?

It is a drive link.

I not would recommend storing files in Google Drive. It’s just too unreliable. You would be better off using Glide’s storage or some other third party storage that is designed for hosting web media. Google Drive isn’t designed to serve media to websites.


What @Jeff_Hager said :point_up_2:

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@Jeff_Hager, you are absolutely right. However, those files are loading on my android devices but not on any iOS device. I will try to use Glide storage and see if the problem is fixed or not

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