Assign Inventory to Field Agent -Barcode workflow

The purpose of the app I am building is an Inventory Management app to be used interanlly to keep track of sales by field agents I am facing a challenger whereI would like to scan inventory via barcode scanner and assign the inventory to field agents.

If there is any assistance it will be much appreciated

So you want the field agent to scan a barcode and then assign that “product” to the agent?

Hello @Ots_crypt and welcome in this Glide community.
It is not very clear to me what kind of help you need.
Even if I didn’t understand it very well, your scenario would seem feasible. Explain what problems you encounter in implementing the scenario you described.

My apologies for not clearly explaining what I want to achieve.

It is an internal business application
@Krivo @Roldy
The Admin who scans inventory via barcode or by filling a form to capture the inventory to spreadsheet via app then to assign the inventory to sales reps.

the purpose is for us to know the lifecycle of the inventory and how much stock sales reps have on hand

So where are you having a problem?