Ask about dates in Glide

“I have a list of employee records. It includes the date of joining. How can I calculate how long the employee has been with us up to the current time?”

You can use a date difference column, or a relative time column to get that info.

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“Sorry, I don’t quite understand, could you please provide detailed guidance? Thank you very much.”

Date Difference

Relative Time



Thank you very much, I really appreciate it. Thanks to your explanation, I now understand. I’ll learn gradually.


I have a column calculating the age of 20 employees. Every day, there are 20 rows calculating their ages which will change compared to the current date. So, does Glide count that as 20 updates?

Doesn’t Glide count it as updates every day when the now() column changes?

No, computed column do not cause updates.

No, it doesn’t.


Thank very much