Show aging.. or how old an item is

I want to show in my app how old something is from the current date. I plan to have a list of items that a user adds, and then I want to show how long ago it was added (2 days ago… etc.).

My husband owns a small trucking company, and drivers get paid a week after submitting their deliveries. So I would like to have a view to show which deliveries are ready to be paid out by showing which ones are over a week old.

At least, that is my plan.

This is my first time using glide, so I’m fairly new, but I’m excited at what glide can do for our small business.

I really appreciate any help you can provide.

  1. Log the current time when adding items using the special value: current date/time.
  2. Create a math column to calculate the difference between this date and now.

Assuming you have all your deliveries logged in a table - let’s call it “Deliveries”:

  • add a datetime column to your Deliveries table
  • whenever a delivery is submitted, update that column using the special value “current date/time”
  • then all you need is a simple math column to compare the delivery date to the current date/time

It might look something like this:


Thank you so much! This worked out great. There is so much Glide can do I’m just now starting to wrap my head around it.


Hi, how to get the NOW date? I dont see function or constant to get the NOW date.

Now is one of the values of the math column.

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Thanks, I ddnt realize you can type here lol, been searching how to get the NOW as it is not autofilter/populate.