I have my students submitting challenges using a form.

On my end, I have a toggle for approve or decline

I have the approved one set up with status/if-then stuff but I want it to be if I toggle to decline that I can leave a comment and it kicks the submission back to them to try again (maybe even deleting the original)

You can have 3 types of status, pending approval, declined and approved and show them in separate lists for the students.

Have them mapped to value numbers. Let’s say pending approval = 0, declined = 1, approved = 2. When you push an increment button it goes to decline state, then the student sees it, adjust the submission and push another increment button with value -1 so it goes back to pending approval state.

Deleting the row can also be considered with edit access for you and the owner of the row.


I am new to glide so I guess I do not understand. Sorry