Approving Orders in Glide

I’m working on a kind of ticketing/crediting system here. I need to build approvals into the system.

When a customer submits and order, the order needs to be approved before it becomes live.

The live order is transactional, credits are deducted from a balance.

The client needs to be able to track and report on the number of credits used. I’ll be adding an option to export to CSV/Excel based on a tutorial I’ve seen on how to do this and plan to use Glide chart to show some data in the portal.

So I’m thinking I’ll need a table for order submissions and another table for live orders and then use some maths stuff (haven’t gotten this advanced with Glide yet) to do the calculations and list them in a table for the client and client-customer to view.

I also need some kind of way for the order not to become live before they are approved as an offline invoice has to be paid before they are live.

Really just putting this out for discussion! Wondering what everyone’s ideas are on how to go about achieving this :slight_smile:

I’d like to be able to do all of this in Glide but I can also use Airtable if the Glide database is limited in anyway.

Why two tables? Just add column to indicate approval

Yep I could do it that way too

I would go for a boolean column. Just make sure that the form is not sending a value to that column, leaving it blank (false). Sorry if overexplained but when i added that column i remember it automatically appearing in the submit form screen as well, so it automatically approved it on submitting. :slight_smile:

Yeah I’m more thinking about how to manage the transaction after it’s submitted and how to managed edits etc, there a bit more to it than just approvals!

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