Apply grading scale Vlookup depending of a criteria M or F

Hello Glide Community,

As PE teacher, I want to apply a grading scale depending of the gender in Track & Field.
So with the Vlookup fonction I can apply the grading scale but I’m not able to figure out how to apply a different grading scale depending of the gender data (M or F) already in my sheet.

I created 2 different sheets for the M grading scale and the F grading scale but how to have

So for instance John (M) run the 400m in 67 seconds but Mary (F) runs in 77 seconds with my 2 grading scale they should have the same grade but as I cannot do the Vlookup with the criteria M or F the result is not the good one for John or Mary

My formula in google sheet works but I want to do it in my Glide App => =IF($Q$1,TRUE)*VLOOKUP(N41,‘SCALE M’!$A$2:$B$36,2,1)+IF($N$1,TRUE)*VLOOKUP(N41,‘SCALE F’!$C$2:$D$36,2,1)

Thank you for your help and or advice

Do you have a dummy sample of your data? Thank you.

I think @Robert_Petitto has some solid solutions to this based on his gamification app. No need to use VLookup
My app is completely different from this but it gave me some great ideas:

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Thank you for your answer. I put a sample of my with my 2 issues

  • first I can only apply one SCALE to my race results and not apply the FEMALE SCALE or MEN SCALE depending of the gender column
  • second is the lookup because if the time in the results is not matching exactly the scale no grade appear. In Google sheet the Vlookup will reach the closest number but not in Glide

Thank you for your help

So I found a solution to fix my issue because I was not able to apply to True False in addition to lookup even with the help of the glide app community.
I get around my problem (not by the easiest way or fastest way), by generating two different columns from my general time race results column. Depending on the gender M or F with the function If-then-else it puts all Male results in one column and all women results in another column. After that I applied my Male grading scale with a relation function to the column with Male results and I did the same thing for the women grading scale using a relation.

It works but I still don’t understand why and how I cannot apply/add a basic True/False function with the glide app lookup function… like in my Excel/Spreadsheet formula shown at the beginning.

Hope it helps someone with my beginner level

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