App Won't Load

My app’s URL:

Any reason why my app suddenly won’t start to load?

Anything I should check?

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It loads for me…What device are you using and can you share a screenshot of what happens when you try to load it?

Using a galaxy S8, doesn’t matter if its Chrome, Brave etc, they all load it slow. Gets stuck on the splash screen for minutes. Never had happened before. All other websites and webapps load quickly. Strange…

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Well, I’m channeling @david here, but what country are you in? There have been other reports of slow loading or no loading apps recently. For me, your app loads exceptionally fast actually. I am in NYC, USA, in case it matters. :grin: Is there any error or does it eventually load - Is it slow or completely failing to load?

No problem over here in the UK

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No problem here in San Francisco, California (only problem around here is that there’s 5 wildfires going on…)


Thanks to you both. I’ve determined it actually might be a faulty mobile network on my phone. Wifi works no problem.


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