App Wont Load. Web Server is Down!

App Wont Load, getting Web Server is Down error message.
See attached screenshot.

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Yowser. We went live Sunday. This is bad timing…

Thanks for the quick update, I just came to post the same thing. Not sure what that attack is but hopefully it’s not too serious :slightly_frowning_face:

Check the status here

We’ve stopped the attack and everything is coming back.

We’ll share more info once we understand what happened.


Much Appreciated!!!

My app doesn’t load at all.

@Connor_Finlayson when did you configure this custom domain? Can you give me a team and app id?

We cannot find that domain attached to any app.

Like a year ago. Worked fine yesterday. A bunch of stuff seems disconnected like it switched to autopublish (from manual publish), it appears I was on a free plan, the app was no longer whitelabelled.

App id: RJi5u1doiR0QgPlWRBFi
Team: 4LFFTKf1m3dmFPK66wEi

The custom domain was disconnected. I re-added it.

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