App Updating & the Business of Glide

Hola Fellow Gliders!

I have spent the past year developing a comprehensive education app for my company (I own a private school and tutoring business in three cities). It’s truly revolutionized my business and I love it! But, I have about 150 other franchisees in my network that are expressing interest in buying what I’ve built. My question is what’s the best way to “package” an app?

I could just add them all as users on one giant one (which I would imagine would crash due to size), or I could make duplicates of my original app (which is what sounds good to me) and spin them off… But, if I then make an edit or improvement to one app, do I have to manually do that for each of my child apps? Is there a tool or method y’all have done for updates down the road?

Sorry for the open-ended question, but I’m curious how I should approach this before I open Pandora’s Box and overwhelm myself.



Yep. Though, this is probably the best option. There was once talk of Glide creating a thing called “Solutions” which would allow you to package up duplicated versions of an app but also allow you to mass update them from a master.

I doubt this will be coming to Glide, though.


Thanks Robert! Wouldn’t have made it this far without you!


Happy to help!

Hi Andrew, in my own experience, Glide Big Tables help a lot, the speed improvements are fantastic for big scale now, just talk with sales to customize your plan.


Agreed. I have the Business Plan already. Tracking assignments and texting parents eats up tons of rows and it works great for that.