Be able to buy Updates packages like

Are you like me, you have an application that is increasingly adopted but the number of updates is not sufficient even on the business side.
Some practices can consume a lot of updates:

  • adding via API several rows of data every day
  • navigation (when using the specific user)
  • integrations
  • deletion via a data line relation

Moreover Glide offers us a database of 100 00 rows but it is not possible to manipulate it by the update limits.

Finally it is not possible to synchronize a third party tool. Eg: a CRM with a Glide application that manages the program of mobile sales representatives every day.

This is a real brake! Thanks for your support on this feature

They do offer the ability to buy 1k updates for $10. Are you looking for more bulk discount packages ?

Yes like :
1 000 10$
2 000 19$
5 000 39$
10 000 89$
100 000 XX$

Def would be nice to pay less. Appears only possible way to currently get a discount is via the Enterprise plan.

I could see them maybe doing something like this between the Business $250 plan with 25k updates and Enterprise $700 plan with guessing 70k+ updates

One way to look at Business Plan is while youre still paying $0.01 per update, you can access to Big Tables and CSS for “free” if you plan on using all 25k updates

@Aymeric_de_Maussion we do have this. Once you hit 50,000 we can talk about custom pricing.

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