App Troubles On 5G Networks?

Is anybody (including customers) having issues logging into your apps while on 5G networks?

Few customers have reported that they can’t get their app to load when on 5G, but have no issues when using WiFi. I don’t have 5G capability near me, so I can’t recreate the issue.


Yes, can confirm. Actually just left the office where 2 of my users showed me this happening in real time. They had explained that they use to be able to use the app while not on wifi but now it goes to white screen or simply does not load at all. App works fine on wifi and cell networks for all other users including myself. Went in just to see this happening in person actually.

The only thing these two users had in common was the they had 5G. Was starting to type up a post when i saw yours! Was surprised no one else had reported really.

For now, not to bad because everything still works for everyone else plus wifi is an option. Would be nice to resolve for 5g though.

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Yeah it’s still an issue for a dozen or so of my users. They can’t use the app at all unless on wifi. I have no idea what the fix is. I’ve had them try browsers, update operating systems, etc.

By chance would they all happen to be on the AT&T Network?

yeap AT&T people for me have issues