App to commemorate your loved ones

Friends, any feedback on my app will be very valuable.

I plan to launch an online service called “Loving memory”. It allows people to create, organize, share and cherish memories of their loved ones. I was inspired to create this App based on a personal experience.

I encourage you to visit the website (, read the story behind it ( and try out the App ( I would be very happy if you can share your feedback with me.

Stay safe, healthy & happy!

Malay Thakershi
Loving memory


Hello. Some of you tried to access my app but may have encountered an issue in creating your user profile / registering. I am sorry for the inconvenience. The problem has been fixed. So please try again and give me your valuable feedback.

The issue was:

  1. When someone signed in, a sheet in my backend that I have assigned to user profile, automatically created a row with email address of the signed in user.
  2. This behavior is not observed in the glide editor when you “preview” as an email address.
  3. However, my code didn’t anticipate this auto-insertion and failed to create user’s profile.
  4. So now, I am handing both scenarios in my App with or without auto-insertion I am able to register the user.

Thanks again.