Family Tree APP on Glide

Hi Gliders, Has anyone attempted creating a Family Tree APP on Glide successfully?

Is Glide able to identify the relationships for each individual user? For example, when User A logs in, he sees User B as his brother, but when User C logs in, he sees User B as his Uncle etc.

I have seen HR templates with employee directories that could be a starting point, but I think the trick is in displaying that unique user relationship. And also the overall family tree display showing the connections.

I wanted to check with you if this was possible and any tips before I start working on this project. I haven’t got much experience

Many thanks

I think you’d have to populate your user table with every family email and create a column that contains the relationship between each user. That’s to my own knowledge, though :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:.

I made one that is not so much a family tree as it is just a way to keep track of my ancestors. In other words, I have row owners so that when someone is put in my tree, the only ones that can see it are myself and anyone I have “shared” that person with – using a row owner array.

Using those relationships, my brother, if he is a user, will see all the relatives I have shared with him. He will not need to add them on his own. But if he enters a person, and forgets to share it with me, I will not see it.

The people have one user-specific-column which is for private memories. There is also a ‘bio’ column which is not user-specific. I love putting in ‘memories’ for everyone to be able to look at. If it were a true ancestry app, I’d have made a memories table, but since that is not the main function of the app, I kept it simple.

As far as making a visible ‘tree’, I think that would be beyond the scope of native Glide. You’d probably have to implement JS – and from what I’ve seen online, the tree branches so quickly that you’d only ever be able to follow one branch for a limited number of descendants.

The hard part for me is to get everyone on board with actually using the App. There seems to be very little interest in my immediate family. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The neatest thing is I was finally able, at the age of 60, to trace my grandfather on my father’s side who formerly had just ‘disappeared into the mist’. The reason is that he spent most of his time in half-way houses – and most ancestry apps rely on census data. I finally found him through his military draft registration card! Still no photo, though :cry: