Creating 'Family'?


My app will enable kids to learn things.

I am thinking for the best approach to:

  • Enable kids to register either with their own email or with their parent’s one when they don’t have some (parents can have several kids)

  • Allow parents to access to each of their kid achievements, whether kids are connected with their own or parent’s email

  • Of course, protect personal data.

This is something I worked upon years ago on Glide (the mechanism was heavy…), but with all the new feature, maybe have you have a best practice to share?

Many thanks in advance

Ya…still no great option here. Unfortunately, the UX of a Glide App is bound to the email address of the signed in user. If multiple children sign in with the same parent email address, then they are all technically the same user when using the app…Glide doesn’t know any better.


No news on this topic until now?

Nothing on this front has changed. Glide still requires an email per user.

Thanks Robert

Hello, did you find any solution for this problem? I am doing same kind of app.

Cool, I really need that too. Can you update us about that.

Hi, not really.
You can test to use the same parents email address with +1, +2, +3 before the @ (ex. ; I did not do it, but maybe …