Loving Life Lillie - Community App

One of our customers has a strong community for whom she provides yoga, mindfulness and meditation classes. She asked us to build an app so that her content was always available “in her community’s hands”. She also wanted to introduce personal journaling and goal setting. We used Glide to deliver a mobile app for her community and a desktop “admin” app for Lillie to manage memberships and content, along with some basic reporting. It’s been extremely well received and is transformational in terms of her business. It’s actually amazing what you can do with Glide. Checkout Lillie’s promo video here:


Is Lillie available to do a promo video for my next app? :laughing:

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I can certainly ask her, however there is a strict “vetting” process in place …

Nice! How did you get the logo to appear on the loading screen instead of the spinner?

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TBH I never even noticed that. Lillie’s app doesn’t seem to show a spinner at startup. Lucky her!

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