Mindfulness Accountability App!

Hey guys, excited to share this with you.

In < 7 days, without code, with the help of @Manan_Mehta I was able to build thriveOS MVP - our new accountability mobile app for our membership program for freelancers and agencies!

  • Users can track daily mindfulness (meditation, gratitude and sleep hrs)
  • Users can track daily business growth metrics (outbound msgs, CRM minutes, calls booked)
  • Users can match with each other
  • Users can call/text one another to check in with each other daily as part of our accountability partner program
  • Users can share wins with each other
  • Users can compare their progress to the group leaderboard

And a ton more coming! This solved a MASSIVE problem for my customers, thank you so much Glide! Would love to share this story as far and wide as possible <3

Shoutout to the Glide Team
@JackVaughan @david

Shoutout to GlideApps on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/DifferentHunger/status/1250520149238657024


Great @mattkohn2220! Congrats.

I love to have this app , It it possible to share with me please?

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Hey @jeeradate_kaowkancha, we can provide white label development to you or you can buy the template, will message you with details!

Beautiful app! Congratulations!

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